Project Briefs

Mercer BET (Back End Technology)

Objective: Engineering, Construction and Start-up of State-Of-The-Art Dry Scrubber


Project Summary

The BET Project involves the addition of a dry scrubber, baghouse and booster fan along with the relocation of the carbon injection system for Mercer Generating Station Units 1 and 2. Merrimac is providing owner's engineering services in support of the project.


Specifically, Merrimac is providing project management consulting, controls engineering/construction/start-up oversight, electrical distribution engineering/construction/start-up oversight and schedule review. Additionally, Merrimac developed a set of construction metrics to assure that the aggressive construction schedule is being met. Should the schedule start to slip, early warning is provided to allow time for course correction.


Merrimac is also developing job task analyses and training syllabi to assist in the training of plant operators and maintenance electricians.


Specific systems that Merrimac is working on include the plant DCS, 4KV/480 VAC distribution systems, the Pulse Jet Fabric Filter (PJFF), Sulfur Dry Absorber (SDA), the Booster Fan and the carbon injection system.



• State-of-the-art back end technology

• ABB Infi90 DCS with S800 I/O

• Owner's Engineering Services

• Development of construction metrics

• Project management consulting




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