Project Briefs

Kearney GE LM6000 Installation

Objective: Engineering, Construction and Start-Up of a Computer Controlled Four Unit Gas Turbine Peaker


Project Summary

The Kearny 12 Project involved the installation of four General Electric LM6000 Aeroderivative simple cycle plants. All four plants included synchronous condenser capability.

Merrimac assisted in the design of the switchyard, designed protective relay panels, and reviewed and commented on GE drawings and specifications. Merrimac also prepared submittals as part of the permitting process and supplied construction support and start-up services.


Finally, Merrimac designed the central control room allowing the control of all four gas turbines and the gas compressor facility from a single location via the PLC subsystem.



• Modular Installation of four LM6000 Gas Turbines

• Design, Construction and Start-up of a Central Control Complex

• Built-in provisions for total remote operation

• Project Management and Project Engineering Support

• Project performed on time and within budget




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