Project Briefs

Landfill Gas Extraction
Facility Control Systems


Objective: Provide a facility control system for external skid communications, command and control


Project Summary

PB Power requested Merrimac to design, build, and integrate facility control systems for two landfill gas extraction sites.


The facility control system provides intercommunications for plant permissives to external vendor skids, specifically the blowers, compressors, gas purification systems, gas analyzers and switch gear. The Facility Control System (FCS) provided a centralized operator work station for alarm indications, plant status from incoming gas to final gas production, and operator permissive control.


Merrimac designed the control panels, and developed the control system using redundant Control Logix processors and RSView32 Rockwell development software. RSView32 was utilized to allow for web based viewing from external locations using satellite communications. Merrimac developed the software using VBA embedded in Microsoft Access to generate the PLC code and RSView32 database.




• Complete design, build, FAT, and commissioning

• Intercommunications programming to five external vendor PLC skids

• Simultaneous design efforts for two different site locations

• Developed software automatic generation techniques from VBA and Microsoft Access for software configuration management and software consistency between the HMI software and PLC software


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