Project Briefs

Shipboard Technology

Objective: Modernization of Control Systems for the Navy MCM Class Propulsion, Electrical Distribution and Gas Turbine Generator Controls


Project Summary

The US Navy MCM Class vessels utilized custom controls to operate propulsion, electrical distribution and gas turbine generator controls. Due to military budget cuts, the Navy was encouraged to modernize shipboard control systems and utilize off-the-shelf microprocessor based solutions.


Merrimac designed, provided construction support and started-up several PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) based control systems utilizing distributed PLC's and local PanelView operator station based consoles integrated using C++.


Merrimac developed the design code for all signal processing associated with the ISCS control system within the PLC's. Merrimac also designed the machinery, electrical distribution, and damage control systems using Allen-Bradley ControlLogix Processors.


As part of the design process, Merrimac reviewed the design and operation of the existing ship control system, integrated the existing design concepts into the new control systems' signal processing logic and control algorithms.


Finally, Merrimac developed detailed design documents to describe the software concepts.



• Application of PLC technology in an innovative fashion

• Large reduction in project cost as a result of Merrimac's application of technology

• Implementation of redundancy scheme for improved reliability

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