Project Briefs

Salem Circulating Water System

Objective: Analysis of loss of 550 Kv switchyard incident


Project Summary

In October of 2001, during a violent lighting storm in southern New Jersey, a lightening arrestor on the 500Kv portion of the Salem Unit 1 Nuclear Plant switchyard flashed over setting into place a chain of events that led to the controlled shutdown of the reactor.


Merrimac personnel assisted in the analysis of the control room event log for comparison with plant emergency procedures. Operator actions were reviewed to ascertain compliance. Plant equipment operation was reviewed for each occurrence to determine appropriate responses. These responses ranged from procedural changes to engineering changes to the plant.


For systems or equipment that required engineered changes, Merrimac personnel provided preliminary designs and estimated equipment, engineering and construction costs for client consideration.



• Breaker coordination in the Circulating Water system MCCs

• Power transfer and function of auxiliary transformers

• UPS for river water level detection

• Power transfer for site Oily water system

• Confirmation of required procedure revisions

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