Project Briefs

Power Now: Project Management

Objective: Engineering of eleven GE LM6000's at 7 Plant sites throughout New York


Project Summary

"Power Now" consisted of the installation of eleven GE LM 6000 Aeroderivative simple cycle power plants at seven different properties throughout the New York Metropolitan area. Four sites were two-unit installations, with three single unit sites.


Merrimac assisted in the design of all mechanical and control systems, wrote equipment specifications for the constructors' use and reviewed and commented on all GE and secondary equipment vendor drawings.


Merrimac personnel were instrumental in preparing environmental permitting packages for each of the seven plant sites for utilization of the plant oily waste disposal and sampling of wastewater discharge.



• Engineering activities condensed into an eight month schedule

• Project Management and Project Engineering Support

• All disciplines engineered concurrently

• All seven plants were synchronized on-time

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