Project Briefs

Waterford Energy
Combined Cycle Power Station Startup

Startup of 821 MW natural gas fired combined cycle power station


Project Summary

Waterford consisted of three GE frame 7 gas turbine generators and three Nooter HRSG's with SCR and reheat. Steam was supplied to a single GE tandem compound condensing turbine generator.


Merrimac personnel were responsible for the startup and turnover of mechanical systems and critical piping and supports. Additional duties required system walk downs and punch list completion verification with the plant EPC contractor.


Merrimac personnel were called upon to solve several site-engineering problems, such as water hammer in the condensate and closed cooling systems, and cooling tower basin level control.



• Proactive interface with client EPC contractor

• Hydraulic analysis of plant systems

• Control room HMI for all plant and switchyard functions

• Only client combined cycle to perform on time and within budget




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