Project Briefs

Mercer 4kV Switchgear Replacement

Objective: Engineering, Construction and Start-up of Outdoor Switchgear Replacement


Project Summary

The Mercer 4kV Switchgear 21 and 22 Replacement Project involved the removal of two metalclad switchgear each housed in its own outdoor walk-in cubicle. The two switchgear units were replaced with vacuum breakers housed in Power Distribution Centers (PDC).


Merrimac provided project management and project engineering support including scheduling. Merrimac also provided construction support and start-up services.


Merrimac developed the equipment and installation purchase specifications which included installation and demolition drawings as well as start-up test procedures. Merrimac also interfaced with the equipment vendor and installation contractor as the Owner's engineer.



• Project management and engineering

• Construction oversight

• Commissioning and start-up services

• State of the art vacuum breakers

• State of the art relay protection

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